The Salt Spa of Bellevue



Betty has been in the healing profession since the early 1980's. She received her BSN in the early 90's to practice Nursing, however her interest in alternative treatments has been strong since early in her life. After leaving the field of Nursing and becoming a Certified Halotherapist, she discovered the benefits of other forms of energetic healing, including Reiki. Now, Betty is a Reiki Practitioner which is a Japanese technique for reducing stress, increasing relaxation, and promoting healing. Reiki is the combination of two words that mean Divine Wisdom and Life Force Energy. It is a positive, loving energy that is both powerful and gentle, providing healing on all levels of being, both animate and inanimate.

She utilizes many different modalities during a session, based on what is needed for the clients highest good. Whether you need calming, a "re-set," an additional boost, or an objective third party to assist you in processing whatever life might bring. Betty can help you align with your divine path and journey with Reiki.



Available Tuesday - Friday by Appointment

Ashiatsu, Deep Tissue, Relaxation and Table-Thai

Recipient of the 2019 "Bellevue's Best" award! Inspired massage therapy that is always customized to suit your needs. No matter what you want from your massage, Red can help. Red tried a few different occupations before she found Massage Therapy, but none of them gave her the total satisfaction that being a bodyworker provides. Red has found that the way she does Massage Therapy hits every point on her list!


Patti Shelton
Patti is a yoga and meditation teacher with a background in medicine. Her approach to teaching is highly personalized and focuses on each student finding their own individual expressions of poses and practices, and accessing wonder and delight. She has completed two multi-year meditation teacher training programs as well as several yoga teacher trainings. In addition, she holds a bachelor's degree in neurobiology and a doctorate in medicine, and her scientific background informs her teaching, resulting in the creation of unique experiences for her students. She is the co-founder of Bhavana School of Yoga and teaches in several other yoga teacher training programs, focusing primarily on anatomy; she is also the author of the book The Yoga Doctor. Patti is fortunate to be the mother of two children, a son and a daughter, who are a continual source of wonder. To learn more, visit