The Salt Spa of Bellevue

Salt Room Etiquette

  1. Please remember to arrive 15 minutes early to check in. After the session starts no one will be admitted.

  2. No food or fluids are allowed in the salt room. Any accidental spills will melt and erode the salt floor.

  3. Please do not throw salt or handle the fountain décor.

  4. Please do not bring your valuables into the salt spa. We are not responsible for any lost or stolen property.

  5. Please do not wear perfumes, lotions, or other substances that have a fragrance. Many are allergic to perfumes or colognes.

  6. Dress comfortably and warmly. You will be asked to remove shoes and you’ll be given light socks to keep your feet warm, and a light blanket in case you chill easy.

  7. Please make sure you use the restroom before the session starts.

  8. Wash your hands and your children’s hands before entering the rooms.

  9. Please turn off your electronics. We encourage you to leave them in your car to prevent any damage the salted air may cause.

  10. Please maintain silence during the session. Many people prefer to meditate or simply relax during the session.

  11. Unless there is an emergency, please refrain from leaving the salt room while a session is in progress.

  12. Children 12 and under must always be accompanied by a parent or guardian while in the salt room. We expect that parents will ensure good behavior on the part of their children. We expect responsible and respectful conduct at all times.

Thank you for helping us keep the Salt Room a safe and pleasant place for everyone!